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TumbleRoot Holiday Bonus Rewards

We're really excited to launch our new TumbleRoot Rewards program just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Now you can start earning points for purchases and activites, and redeem those points for vouchers you can use towards future purchases. Plus, we'll be surprising you with new ways to earn and redeem your points each month!

Click below to learn about the points you can earn during the 2017 Holiday Weekend Bonus Sale.


5 Points for every dollar spent on discounted TumbleRoot Favorites

Everything in the TumbleRoot store is on sale this weekend for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! With the exception of the $5 Holiday Grab Bags and Gift Cards, you can earn 5 points for every dollar spent on your regular TumbleRoot Favorites, and for exclusive items we're featuring this holiday season. For each item, you can see the points you'll earn listed below the "Add to Cart" button.

Check out the following collections for examples of items earning this reward:

40% off TumbleRoot Favorites
Holiday Exclusives

500 Points for each 2017 Pre-Release or Limited Edition product purchased

This year we are releasing all of our newest designs early! You can find all these designs together in our Holiday Weekend Sale Bonus Collection. You will also notice each product has either 2017 TumbleRoot Pre-Release or LIMITED EDITION above the title, as well as a "Pre Order" purchase button.

For each of these items that you purchase you will earn 500 points! Plus, if you purchase 3 or more Pre-Release or LIMITED EDITION items this weekend, we'll double your bonus points (max. doubling 1500 points). That's 3000 points! It's like getting another tank top for free :)

For more information about Pre-Releases and LIMITED EDITIONS, estimated shipping and delivery, and the Christmas holiday, head over to our Holiday Bonus Sale FAQ.

1000 points for invited friends to make a purchase

This one is fun and easy! Just send all your friends an email, tweet, Facebook post, or more, and you can earn a quick 1000 points. Plus, you'll be sending each friend a code they can use to get $10 off their first order!

*Points are awarded when your friend makes a purchase.