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The TumbleRoot Family

Nisse Noble Founder & CEO 
(Niss, Nizzle, Nisse-bear)

Favorite place to be: on her couch, snuggling with Aarde and the pups
Bucket list item: Win at bingo. (B4 she dies)
Weird habit: eating mangoes and kiwis with skin still on!
Makes her laugh: Animals in clothing. Every time. 
Go-to TumbleRoot product: Whiskey Girl Sweatshirt. “I LIVE in it.” 



Jeffrey Lang Office Manager

Favorite place to be: The beach or on top of a mountain
Weird habit: I adopt an accent, usually Irish, usually after a couple whiskeys
Makes you laugh: a well executed practical joke
Title for autobiography of your life: That's Curious
I Can’t get enough: Tacos for my two hands
Favorite movie as a kid: Goonies
Favorite cartoon character: Wily E. Coyote



Wally Director of Quality Assurance

Favorite place to be: At the door, sniffing the mail-lady's feet
Weird habit: I have an abnormal love for basil
Bucket List Item: To urinate on every square inch of the backyard
Title for autobiography of your life: "From Rescue Rover to Director Dog: One Pup's Journey to the Top."
Best part of being on the TumbleRoot Team: I get to work with my Mom and friends everyday! 


Teddy Chief Financial Officer

Can’t get enough: Sleeping, eating and butt-sniffing
Toilet paper: Chewed, all over the floor.
Favorite song: Who Let The Dogs Out
Interesting fact: My right hip is broken - but that doesn't stop me!



And let's not forget all the friends and family that have spent countless hours helping us make this dream a reality.
It's a long list, but these are the people we owe the most beer to for all their slave labor:


Quincy Storm

Noelle Luchino

Patrick and Kristin Perl

Jonathan Roberts

Ryan Stollmeyer

Kristen Telles

Doug Hales

Karissa Pagliero

Kiko Correa