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Stagecoach 2017: All That You Need To Know!

Posted on February 20 2017

        Last year was my first time going to Stagecoach and I had just about a million questions that I wanted to ask before packing my bags and heading to Indio, California. If I’m staying in a hotel, which hotels are still available? How is the parking situation? What do I even bring to the actual festival? Although I had an incredible experience last year, I believe that things would have ran smoothly had these questions been answered. I will be sharing with y’all as much information as I can to ensure that you have an incredible Stagecoach experience.

        Beginning with where to stay. If you haven’t booked a hotel as of right now, chances are it’s going to be difficult to find a place to stay. If there are rooms available near by, you might have to spend more money than you think because some hotels hike up these prices knowing that people will pay for the weekend. Most hotels that are within a 10 mile radius of the festival cost more than $200 a night, which isn’t a surprise. If you want to find a place to stay where you aren’t going to spend more than $200 a night, I advise you to look on Airbnb. There were actually some places that were charging a lot less and you might have better luck there.

        The parking situation at Stagecoach didn’t seem to be a problem when I attended last year. Truth of the matter is, if you are going to stay until the very end and leave when everyone else leaves, it might take you a while to get out of the lot. On the last night of Stagecoach last year, I had to leave half way through Luke Bryan’s set because I had to head home to Los Angeles since I had a final that morning (oops!). Since I left when 99% of the people were still at the festival, I got out pretty quickly. Stagecoach does offer VIP parking passes at $100 for 3 days. When I saw the VIP section, there weren’t many cars, which means not only do you have plenty of space to leave, but I’m sure you might be able to get out quicker. If you aren’t planning on taking your car to the festival, I advise you to get a shuttle pass. It is $75 for 3 days and will be much cheaper than using Uber or Lyft.

        Finally, what do you need to bring to Stagecoach? Here’s a list of what is important to bring:

  1. Backup Charger: I knew that I was going to be taking a lot of photos the whole weekend and knew a charger was needed. If you are going to be at Stagecoach all day, your battery will most likely drain so pick up a backup charger (Amazon has great ones) that you can carry with you.
  2. A Backpack: It has more compartments than a purse and is easier to carry. Make sure that the size of your backpack is within regulation to what Stagecoach allows you to bring in.
  3. SUNSCREEN: It gets very hot in Indio and it’s not fun to burn!
  4. Deodorant: Because, well…why not!
  5. Chairs or Blankets to sit: Bringing a chair was the best decision I made because I was comfortable the entire time. Once you set your blankets or chairs down in General Admission, you can leave and walk around. No one touched our stuff while we were going. Everyone is very respectful of your space.
  6. Empty Plastic Bottles: This way you won’t have to constantly pay for water. There are stations where you are able to fill up your water bottles.
  7. A Jacket or Sweater: Although it is very hot during the day, I was absolutely freezing at night. It’s always nice to have a jacket or sweater just in case!
  8. Sunglasses or a hat: You don’t want the sun in your eyes all day.
  9. Money or Credit Cards: You never know how much you are going to spend! There is great food and incredible vendors (TumbleRoot, especially) that will be there.
  10. Your Wristband: It would not be fun to forget this.

I hope these tips have helped you with any questions that you have. If there is anything else that you would like to ask, leave a comment below and I will make sure to answer it as soon as possible!



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  • Katie: April 20, 2017

    This is the information I was looking for that no one else has! The last time I went was 10 years ago and we brought chairs then, but I didn’t know if people still brought chairs or not. Thank you so much for the information!

  • Karen Gibson: February 28, 2017

    Hi! My friends are trying to get me to go to stagecoach last minute but I am worried about buying a wristband off of a stranger. Just a couple of questions: are all General Admission wristbands the same? And if I do buy one I heard someone say I have to register it? How do I do that?

    Thanks for the help!

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