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Our Story and How YOU Can Help Us Win a Super Bowl Commerical

Posted on September 04 2013

It all started with a dare. My business, that is. What is now TumbleRoot began when my friend dared me to hop on this crafty little site called Etsy and start selling my artwork. I knew it would go nowhere, so I listed a few things and thought nothing of it.

And then the first sale came in. “How fun,” I said as I packaged it up for the buyer. And then a couple weeks later, something else sold. And then something else. And then something else…Before I knew it, I was selling another “something else” every day. “How fun” suddenly became “How am I going to do this?”

But I was hooked. Despite already having a 40-hour-a-week job, I poured every bit of my formerly-known-as free time into it, staying up to ungodly hours to pack, stamp, and mail my work, and then to design new things. And still I couldn’t keep up. I hired my first employee, just in time for an unexpected wallop: the holiday rush. Together, we slogged through, tired, ragged, barely sleeping, fingers inked and gooey as my designs became holiday gifts for people I’ve never met—and I realized that I’d never been happier.

Today’s TumbleRoot, barely a year old, is a way to channel everything we love—namely beer, country music, and designing cool stuff—into a cohesive brand. I say “we” because I roped my then-fiancé (now husband) into this crazy entrepreneurial endeavor. His pragmatic skepticism complements my passionate optimism. We provide apparel, art, and accessories for the concert-goer, the partier, even the birthday beer crawler.

The name TumbleRoot is inspired by the tumbleweed, which is sort of the overlooked desert explorer of the plant kingdom. The tumbleweed just isn’t good at standing still: it always rolls on, looking for new adventures and places to spread its seeds. That’s exactly how we felt about starting this company. It’s our chance to leave our fears behind, and spread a little country flair while we do it. But unlike the tumbleweed, no matter how far we roam, our roots (and our hearts) always remain at home.

Since we started in September 2012, we’ve gotten married, bought a house, and adopted two adorable furry children dogs, and the business has grown from one employee to five. Our small house has quickly been overtaken by inventory and workstations, and we’ve artfully crammed every nook and cranny with more awesome stuff that’s waiting to be sold. Our date nights and relaxing evenings have turned into team meetings and design marathons. Time with friends used to mean wine tasting and beer drinking; now it means wine tasting and beer drinking…while enlisting their help to plan photo shoots, build websites, run financial reports, write payroll checks, and scrutinize profit margins.

We’ve come a long way, but we have so much more to do. Your vote for TumbleRoot will help us achieve our dream of spreading our seeds far and wide. And if our little store makes it to the Super Bowl, you can bet we’ll “cheers” our victory over a beer. Or five… :)

Oh, and the friend who dared me into the best thing I’ve ever done? She models our clothes on our website.

You can vote once a day at this website:

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