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Country Music You Haven't Heard on the Radio Yet (But You're Going to Love!)

Posted on August 01 2013

Sick of hearing “Dirt Road Anthem” on the radio every 10 minutes?

Us too.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s a great song. It’s just, we’ve been out here chillin’ on a dirt road, laid back listenin’ to Jason Aldean sing “Dirt Road Anthem” at least twenty times already today, ’cause come on, there’s only one country station with decent reception out here on this dirt road and we’re kind of about to go crazy and start swerving like we’re George Jones if we hear it one more time.

Though we're 100% down to chill on a dirt road without. Whenever. 24/7. 365. Just let us know. Totally free. Anytime.
Jason, don’t look at us like that… We’d still LOVE to chill on a dirt road with you. Whenever. 24/7. 365. Just let us know. Totally free. Anytime. You say when. We’re so there. With an ice cold beer. Sittin’ in the console.


Anyway, we’ve been longing for some new country tunes lately, so we went out there and hey! Found some. :)

And lucky you, we want to share these musical masterpieces with our fellow country-loving followers. So here’s a few of our new favorite songs. Hope you like them too!

Nothin’ But Summer – Dallas Smith

How cute is he, right… We know. We’re obsessed, too. This summer anthem has got us wishing we had a convertible, so we could throw the top back and blast this song all night long.

Friday Night – Eric Paslay


I wanna be your Friday night sweet ride
Summertime sunshine barefoot in the moonlight
I wanna be your jackpot hot spot
Wide open road in a candy apple rag top
I wanna set you free
I wanna take you high
I wanna be, wanna be your Friday night

This up-and-coming country star has got us hooked. We can’t wait to hear more new music from him! But for now, we’ve got this song on repeat.

The Booze Cruise – Blackjack Billy

I want to jump on the booze cruise! Me, me! Right here! I can shake my booty! (kind of)


Literally though, we are newly obsessed with Blackjack Billy. Watch the video and tell me they are not your new favorite band. SO ADORABLE. Ugh. This song will have you toe-tapping along in no time. And falling in love with the lead singer. (THE NEXT Luke Bryan, I swear…)

Summer Jam ft. Florida Georgia Line – Jake Owen


This song is totally, well, your new summer jam!

You’re the flops on my feet
The top down on my jeep
You’re the watermelon sticky-lip
Kiss on my cheek
You’re the kick in the cup
Pretty girl, you know what’s up
You a skinny little dip in the creek

Okay, I will admit that when hip-hop artists (I’m looking at you, Ludacris) started rapping along with country music, I was like:

“What? No… No no no no. Uh-uh. Nope. Stop that. Right meow.”

But… It’s grown on me, okay? Especially when country artists actually kind of rap. (Technically speaking, I think Toby Keith did it first back in the early 00′s. Remember “I Wanna Talk About Me“? Yep. Classic country rap.) And this Jake Owen song? He totally nails it. (Even though it starts out a little Owl City… Yikes.)

So keep doin’ what you’re doin’, Jake Owen. We’ve loved you since “Somethin’ About a Woman” (still one of my all-time faves *swoon*), and we still love you now that you’re in the rap game. Dawg.

Here’s To The Good Times – Florida Georgia Line


You guys have all heard of these guys, we know. But this is one of their songs that hasn’t really hit it big (yet).

Here’s to the good times, here’s to the sunshine
Here’s to the ice you float your beer in
To the tops you pop and the tan lines disappearin’
Oh my, my
She’s a little bit tipsy
Leans in for a kiss, she’s stealin’ your heart just like a gypsy
And there you are just a drunken star, just fallin’ in her eyes
Here’s to the good times, while there’s still time

Well lay it all out, spray it on sweet
Carve it in oak and permanent ink
Park it way back, fog it on up
Singin’ ohh, ohh
Radio spillin’ from a single cab
She looks so good with her silver tabs
Hangin’ on a branch by the river
That’s a memory that’ll get you when you look back

This is another adorable summer anthem, though much more mellow than the others. This is a nice, quiet, listen and reminisce kinda song that yanks on your heart strings a little. And we all need a song like that once and a while.

Chillin’ It – Cole Swindell

Another cute-sy, summertime country song from this new star who’s been opening for Luke Bryan on his current tour!


Point At You – Justin Moore

We’ve always loved Justin Moore songs (“If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” Jeez, I practically go through a box of tissues every time…) But it wasn’t until THIS video that we realized how HOT Justin Moore is. I mean… In that jail cell? In his cowboy hat… And his tattoos?? And then his truck! And his boots!?!

Anyway. We love you. I’m pointing at you, Justin Moore. Marry me now? Please. ♥

xoxo, TR

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