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Your Music Festival Must-Haves

Posted on March 29 2013

Festival season is here, and it’s about time you start planning your weekend wear! Whether you’re headed to Coachella, Stagecoach, Austin City Limits, Bonnaroo, or wherever else you’re music-loving soul may lead you, here’s a list of must-haves for the perfect festival experience:

1) Jean shorts. Cut offs, daisy dukes, jorts… You get the idea. These hip huggers are a hit at every festival across the nation. Pair with a tank top, your favorite sunglasses, and a cold beer. (Here’s a How-To DIY  for high-waisted jean shorts)

2) Fanny pack. Seriously. They’re making a BIG comeback. Fannies are essential if you want to dance at the festival. And you DO want to dance at the festival. Throw your phone, some Chapstick, and whatever else in one of these babies and you’re good to go. A hands-free dancing machine.

These fanny packs have built in speakers! Rad.These fanny packs have built in speakers! Rad.

3) Hat. If you’re going to a warm weather festival, you’re going to be in the sun for HOURS. Pack your favorite hat, from floppy to cowboy to trucker. It’ll protect your face and eyes from the sun all day. It’ll also give you a satisfying something to take off and fling around wildly when your favorite song comes on.

4) Comfy shoes. DO NOT wear your cutest wedges, no matter how great they look with your cut offs. No pair of heels are still comfy after 10+ hours. You’ll end up taking them off and carrying them around (they probably won’t fit in your fanny


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