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A Pop of Inspiration: Beatiful Balloons

Posted on November 15 2012

You guys, check out William Forsythe’s GORGEOUS new art installation, “Scattered Crowd.” Through thousands of suspended white balloons, Forsythe has created an air-borne landscape ‘of relationship, of distance, of humans and emptiness, of coalescence and decision.’ Each balloon represents a person in a suspended state, in relationship with other balloons.

That’s pretty neat and all, but we were drawn to how breathtakingly beautiful the exhibit is! We’re so digging the balloons, and were instantly inspired to come up with ideas for our own inflatable mini-art instillation. Just some balloons and fishing line, right?

This could be perfect at weddings, especially if you had guests write notes of well-wishing and then pop them at the end! Or hey, ’tis the season! Potential Christmas decor. Winter Wonderland…? Or a fun idea for New Years EVE!

Share your ideas for brilliant balloonish spectacles with us.

Here’s a little inspiration for now.


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