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Posted on September 25 2012

At TumbleRoot, we believe inspiration comes randomly. Whether you’re washing your noggin’ in the shower, banging the dirt off your boots, or waiting while your car passes its smog test, inspiration is generous to those who least expect it.

Speaking of smog tests…
I was sitting on an oil-stained futon, browsing Popular Mechanics at the local smog shop, when inspiration hit: I’m going to write a blog about phone apps that feed my creativity.
#1: craftgawker app: The name pretty much says it. A cute little app (very Pinterest-esque), that focuses on DIY. Spotted today on craftgawker: Infinity scarf made from an old sweater. Now if only I knew how to sew…
#2: ColorSchemer: Sweet little app (yes, all apps are little) that displays hundreds upon hundreds of color schemes and even lets you make your own by sampling your very own photos. It’s so easy, I could do it blindfolded.  Except, I guess that would defeat the purpose.
#3: Fubiz: Tagline - daily dose of inspiration -  is just that. This app, born from the website, covers all things design ranging from photography to motion arts to technology. Whatever you’re into, your likely to be  impressed with its offerings. Eye candy at its sweetest! :)
So, what inspires you?

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ColorSchemer app


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