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We launched TumbleRoot on Tumbleweed Tuesday?

Posted on September 14 2012

 A Hamptons tumbleweed

Sept. 5th was TumbleRoot's FIRST day in business. I couldn't be more excited! We've got some great promotions (did someone say free shipping?) and we have some awesome new products coming in the following weeks. 

However ... something else has just come to my attention. According to the EastHampton Patch, on our launch day (the day after Labor Day) is called "Tumbleweed Tuesday"Tumbleweed Tuesday gets its name because after a flurry of activity all holiday weekend long, and all summer for that matter, the Hamptons practically become a ghost town overnight.

Now, we're not located in the Hamptons (we are literally on the other side of the country) but, seeing as how we named the company after tumbleweeds, I think this is pretty darn cool. And maybe, hopefully, a sign of future success. :)

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  • Lyzbeth: November 10, 2012

    This could not possibly have been more heplufl!

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