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n2design, meet TumbleRoot

Posted on September 04 2012

I guess you are wondering what all the hullabaloo is about. Well, I changed our name, and created a whole new store at I did this because I outgrew n2design. Yes, my name is Nisse Noble and so the N to the second power thing made for a cute logo … but now I do so much more than just design. I have been creating products that fit a lifestyle.

Speaking of outgrowing, I am, as of right now, transitioning from an “I” business to a “we” business. We now have two wonderful employees (woohoo!), a slew of awesome people pitching in to help us, and Aarde has joined myself as the other Co-Founder of this venture. TumbleRoot provides high-quality, well designed and affordable apparel, housewares, jewelry and more for the modern, everyday hickster in all of us.

TumbleRoot is inspired by the South, and just like the tumbleweed, no matter what adventure the wind takes you on, your roots are always at home.

We hope you will take this adventure with us.

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