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The dog days - not over yet

Posted on August 17 2012

It’s hot. Well, maybe not as hot in San Luis Obispo as the rest of the country, but even we are trying to find some relief from these 80 degree(!) days on the beautiful California coast.

While you and I have been busy soaking up the rays, sipping lemonade (heh hem beer) by the pool, Nisse and friends have been folding, packing, stamping, and addressing hundreds of n2design’s newest product – Rock Me Mama tanks.

Being Nisse’s good friend and future maid of honor (did I mention that she is also my boss?), I might be a little biased, BUT – these shirts make anyone look even hotter than they already are*.

Here’s a peek into what it takes to process 300+ orders of Rock Me Mama tanks a week. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Nisse – taking her job too seriously, as usual.

The enthusiastic N2design team – Fanny, Aarde, and Brian.

Caution: Getting too close will result in a paper cut.

*Is it hot in here, or are those Rock Me Mama tanks?!

Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Quincy Storm  -  Social Media Coordinator and Freelance Designer


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