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40 minute design challenge!

Posted on May 17 2012

There are times when I wonder if I chose the right profession. It’s usually right at about 3am, when I’m working on the 12th revision of a job, and I get an email something like this …

“We love what you’ve been doing, but we’ve decided to rebrand. Our second cousin twice removed is a designer and he created a new logo for us … can you incorporate this drawing of a lion catching a butterfly in the Serengeti into the design? We feel it represents our plumbing business perfectly.”

But then, there are moments like today.

My friend sent me a flier her mother had spent weeks creating in Microsoft Word, and asked for my help. I saw it as a fun challenge to see what I could create in a short amount of time, and while it’s not the Mona Lisa, I think it’s a pretty good improvement. And it only took 40 minutes! :)

I love my job.

The challenge: quickly re-design my friend’s mom’s event postcard

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